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The University of Management and Technology has positioned itself strongly to cater to the new and diverse needs of the students, recognizing the current rapid global and large-scale expansion of online educational programs. ConnectedUMT-CONNECTED is the Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) at UMT. Established on July 2017, UMT has launched a strategic initiative, UMT-CONNECTED, that has been established to make UMT a leader in the e-Learning sphere. UMT-CONNECTED is helping subject matter experts use technology-mediated and web-based solutions to enhance teaching and learning. We serve as an incubator for technology-infused curriculum. We provide technical consulting services and offer technology-related advice to faculty and staff.

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Vision, Mission & Goals


Creating a world-class education available to anyone, anywhere and anytime through the use of innovative technology to improve teaching and learning.


Our mission is the provision of convenient, high-quality, virtual education to the diverse population and advocacy of forward-looking, technology-driven optimism of UMT across the academic board.


Our eLearning institute aspires to promote affordable, convenient, and flexible access to lifelong learning opportunities for skill development and professional growth, and to foster a culture of knowledge sharing in the 21st century.

Message from the Founder of ILM Trust and UMT

Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad (Shaheed)


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