21st Century Skills

Course Description (Brochure)

The suite of digital badges within the 21st Century Skills course represents the most in-demand soft-skills which employers are seeking, but struggle to identify in prospective employees. This course allows you to acquire and practice a variety of soft-skills. 

These badges emphasize deep knowledge through rigorous practice and genuine critical reflection at the sub-competency level. It also offers workplace-based challenges that encourage you to truly experience each skill. The concepts and content of this course are based on years of best practices gleaned from authentic user-research and prototyping with students, academic institutions and employers. It’s your road map for developing professional skills. 

Each badge has a rigorous curriculum, interactive activities, and real-world, workplace-based performance assessments associated with each of the core four sub-competencies. Within each badge, you will find links to all of this as well as additional resources you may want to consider as you create your badge earning experience.

Salient Features

  1. A course from the Education Design Lab
  2. Few hours each week for the 10 weeks program
  3. No on-campus classes, no scheduled time
  4. MOOC-based, fully online
  5. Supported by Student Technological and Instructional Resource Services (S.T.A.I.R.S.) Help Desk Center


The enrolled students will be provided with the Certificate of Participation after the successful completion of the entire course. The certificate will be processed within the time period of a week. Students are expected to collect it from the S.T.A.I.R.S. office.


Target Audience

All the student body of UMT and alumni.

Course Schedule


Instructor Profile

Ms. Saba Akram, a Human Resource professional with around 5 years of international  experience in education, banking and IT sector. Skilled in communication, presentation, recruitment, conflict management, stress management and team leadership, she holds an MS degree in Strategic Human Resource Management. She has maintained relations with corporate leaders, both locally and internationally and possesses good knowledge of certain skills that students need to learn and adapt to be the employers’ first choice.

She believes that 21st Century Skills course aspires to advanced state-of-the-art knowledge and cutting edge skills ensuring academic rigour, quality and excellence for developing insightful leadership as well as improving quality of life for people and communities by providing the right skillset. This course will equip you with knowledge, skills and desired attitudes for professional positions in your chosen areas. Ms. Saba Akram assures that an academic learning and education experience with UMT-CONNECTED will be stimulating and rewarding. 

She along with the entire team, look forward to welcoming you in this course for the best learning experience ever, Register Now  

If you have any further queries or questions feel free to email at sabaa[email protected] or contact at Tel:+92 42 111 300 200 Ext: 3439 


Fees and Payments

Course Fee: 5,000 PKR for students/alumni


10% for UMT students (current)

10% for UMT Staff/Alumni/Faculty relatives

1 free online course for orientation participants

*Extra 10% group discounts (ask for detail Ext 3464)

NOTE: Only one discount can be availed at a time.

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