Digital Academic Skills

Course Description (Brochure)

Afraid of the digital and online world? Then fear no more! Whether you are new to the world of online learning or already possess some knowledge, either way, this course will prove beneficial for you. The intent of this course is to provide learners with a concept of education in the online classroom environment at the University of Management & Technology. This course focuses on guiding learners through the journey of online learning with helpful tools, tips, strategies and techniques to be a successful online learner.  In particular, this course discusses online success strategies such as personnel management skills, technical preparedness, plagiarism awareness, learning strategies and concerns of online learners. This course will enhance learners' readiness about the online learning environment and eliminate some of the misconceptions about online education, in general.

Salient Features

  1. Course content from 100% Online Student Success, by Roxanne Duvivier
  2. Few hours each week for the 5 weeks program
  3. No on-campus classes, no scheduled time
  4. MOOC-based, fully online
  5. Supported by Student Technological and Instructional Resource Services (S.T.A.I.R.S.) Help Desk Center


The enrolled students will be provided with the Certificate of Participation after the successful completion of the entire course. The certificate will be processed within the time period of a week. Students are expected to collect it from the S.T.A.I.R.S. office.


Target Audience

All the student body of UMT and alumni.


Course Schedule


Instructor Profile

Ms. Fareya Noor working as a volunteer Digital Content Producer at UMT-CONNECTED, has an experience of studying various online courses from the past 3 years. She has also been working with different freelance firms, education promotion projects with Pheonix Foundation for Research and Development (NGO) to help young minds in need, become self-sufficient.
She now wants to take it a step ahead with helping you with what she's learned over the years regarding Online Learning. Her words exactly were, "I have learned that students tend to relate to their fellow students better and I really believe that helping students easing their way to the next generation of learning is going to be most rewarding."

Ms. Fareya Noor, as well as other staff members supporting this course, look forward to having you as one of our students, in this Digital Academic Skills course, Register Now 

If you have any further queries or questions feel free to email at [email protected] or contact at Tel:+92 42 111 300 200 Ext: 3469

Fees and Payments

Course Fee: 2,500 PKR for students/alumni



10% for UMT students (current)

10% for UMT Staff/Alumni/Faculty relatives

1 free online course for orientation participants

*Extra 10% group discounts (ask for detail Ext 3464)

NOTE: Only one discount can be availed at a time.


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