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UMT-CONNECTED is a new directorate established at UMT to Promote and facilitate distance learning (also known as eLearning or virtual or digital or online learning). In view of the benefits which occur from development and running of online courses, UMT-CONNECTED has offered to develop at least one online course for each degree program of every school and institute of UMT. UMT-CONNECTED is fully ready to initiate development of online courses right away.

With the “No Program Left Behind” philosophy, UMT-CONNECTED is reaching out to each of you to nominate at least one course for online development and respective faculty developer by 2nd of March 2018 via email [email protected] UMT-CONNECTED staff member(s) will follow up with you to ensure that your nominations have been duly registered.

After receipt of a nomination of courses and respective faculty members from school and institutes, UMT-CONNECTED will prioritize the course development sequence, and share the outcomes with all of you.

We are confident that the initiative would be highly beneficial for both, the faculty and the students. The faculty members volunteering for development of an online course(s) would get an appropriate financial incentive as well.

UMT-CONNECTED team is looking forward to hearing from all interested parties. Thank you.


The following ‘agile course development’ steps will take place once the course development request has been initiated:

Step 1: You will meet with the UMT-CONNECTED office for an orientation session.

Step 2: A permission request will be sent to your HoD/Dean to seek approval for the development of online course. Once the approval has been gained, you will be supplied with the contract.

Step 3: After you have signed the contract, you will be briefed about developing a first and second layer of the seven layers of agile course development process. 

Step 4: Once these layers have been reviewed, you will move on towards the third layer to add the conversational framework to your online course content.

Step 5: After you have polished your content by adding motivational tone to it, you will be guided towards the fourth layer which involves storyboarding and scripting for your video lectures. 

Step 6: Once the script has been reviewed and revised, shooting guidelines will be sent to you in addition to scheduling a date for the filming of your video lectures.

Step 7: After editing, the video will be uploaded to MOODLE thus beginning the fifth layer in which all the sessions will be assembled.

Step 8: Completion of session assembly marks the beginning of the sixth layer, which includes a thorough evaluation process for which a team will be nominated, consisting of external as well as internal members.

Step 9: At the end of the evaluation session, feedback will be collected for any further reviewing after which the seventh and final layer will take place in which the session will be released.

NOTE that Steps 3 through to 9 will be repeated for the number of sessions that are being developed. Please feel free to reach out to us via [email protected] or fill out this form to voice your queries and concerns.

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