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For a professional and scholarly association, the below-mentioned organizations seek to provide numerous tools and information based on the latest research and trends in online education.

American Distance Education Consortium was created to endorse the formation and delivery of high quality, reasonable distance education programs, and facilities to various spectators.

Contact North An excellent site created by Contact North to serve faculty and instructors of post-secondary institutions in Ontario, Canada is The Ontario Online Learning Portal. It is an open resource that provides numerous tools and information on the latest research and trends in online education.

Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) is a private association that works as an institutional accreditor of eLearning organizations. Accreditation by DEAC ensure all distance learning exercises inside an organization, and it gives certification from the free school level through expert doctoral degree-allowing organizations. This site is intended to be an asset for every one of those intrigued by eLearning accreditation: understudies, staff, faculty, heads, and people in general.

Educause is a higher education technology organization. This website consists of the most significant community of professional IT leaders. It supports you on any research work, technology issue and helps you to stay up-to-date on topics. Through this website, you can make your IT skills stronger.

EduProject is a knowledge mobilization portal for project-based learning (PBL) coverage includes PBL at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary level.

ICAI The International Center for Academic Integrity works to identify, promote, and affirm the values of academic integrity among students, faculty, teachers, and administrators.

Online Learning Consortium (formerly Sloan-C) The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) is the leading professional organization devoted to advancing quality online learning by providing professional development, instruction, best practice publications and guidance to educators, online learning professionals and organizations around the world.

The United States Distance Learning  Association  (USDLA) is an organization that helps and supports distance learning education and online course developers in their project related to eLearning.

WCET Cooperative for Educational Technologies has fastened the speed of adoption of practical approaches and policies in technology-enhanced teaching and learning at the undergraduate level. WCET offers many resources including a very active listserv, free online webcasts, annual meetings, JIT blog posts, research publications and surveys about technology-enhanced higher education.

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