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At UMT-CONNECTED, we are well aware of the doubts and apprehensions that you might have regarding degrees acquired through online education. The questions in your minds are varied; what services will you be provided with? How you are going to access those services, we even ensure the ease of access, who you consult if you face any bumps down the road? Don’t fret regarding such reservations! Our Online Student Services programs are designed around your needs. It is our essential goal to provide you with the best possible services when you need them.

The biggest challenge in an online education setting is to realize the fact that you don’t fall in the category of “one size fits all”; it is your genuine expectation to be recognized and thus treated as an individual. Through our Online Student Services, we aim to establish a strong relationship between you and UMT regarding concrete learning foundations, meanwhile, interacting with University professionals and encountering emerging technologies.

Think of us as your “one stop shop” for your online education experience. Please contact us now.

UMT-CONNECTED wants your online learning experience to be a positive and successful one. As an online learning student, you have access to all the support services our on-campus participants enjoy, as well as some services are developed specifically for you. Whether this is your first online learning course or you have participated in online courses before, this will take only a few minutes to review the services available to you.


UMT supports its academic programs and research initiatives through a state-of-the-art Library and Learning Resource Center (L&LRC). The well-stocked Library and Learning Resource Center has over 120,000 books to facilitate learning and research, 75 foreign and local journals/magazines, 18 online journals and books databases, 14 personal collections, and 1 Learning Disability Center for scholars. Like day scholars the UMT library assists the e-students with same zeal and dedication. The Off-campus Library Services (OCLS) provides postal delivery of printed resources (terms and conditions apply) as well as e-resources which include distribution of journal articles and e-books through e-mail. The library catalog is live and accessible online to search the library holdings. The ex-students can have remote access to the online databases of scholarly journals and e-books. Ask a librarian reference service is also available via e-mail to answer any query.

The contact information is as below;
Phone: +92 42 3521 2801-10 ext. 3565, 3561
Fax: +92 42 35184789
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Kindly mention your semester, section and name (i-e- Fall 2018-Sec.03- XYZ) at the subject of your emails to the library and indicate your student ID no. in the body of your email.

Disability Resource Center (DRC):

University of Management and Technology is the first private sector university in Pakistan which is promoting and providing an inclusive learning environment for students with different types of disabilities at higher education level. Many students with disabilities are enrolled in UMT in various programs of different levels from BS to Ph.D. These students belong to different categories of disability such as physical impairments, visual impairment, and hearing impairment: visual impairment and hearing impairment. For facilitation of teaching and learning of students with disabilities, UMT has established a state of the art Disability Resource Center. The DRC provides the required facilities and assistive technology to students with disabilities to meet their unique learning needs. These facilities include sign language interpreters, specialized computers with accessibility provisions like JAWS and Duxbury for persons with visual impairment, large LED projectors, Perkin’s Braillers, Braille Frames, Braille Stylus, MP3 Recorders, Video Recorders, Audio Systems, Range of Standardized Assessment Tests, Scanners, White Canes and Wheel Chairs.

The DRC is aimed to facilitate the learning needs of students with disabilities in the best possible manners and to set an example for other higher education institutions in Pakistan. The plans include the expanding of DRC as a research center on teaching and learning needs of students with disabilities in Pakistan. All the students including online with disabilities can remotely reach to Disability Resource Centre for learning assistance via phone or email at the contact below. Alternatively, they can resolve their query via Ask a Question.

For further information
Tel: + 92 42 521 2801-10
[email protected]
[email protected]

Student Technological and Instructional Resource Services (STAIRS):

As an online student, you can be studying from the comfort of your home or a café, but you are not alone. During each session of an online course, you’ll be part of an interactive online classroom, communicating almost daily with faculty members and students who can offer advice and encouragement. Members of the “Student Technological and Instructional Resource Services (STAIRS)” will be available by email and phone to help with your non-academic questions, and you’ll have access to information and guidance on our student support website. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for this service, register here.

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