Meeting with HEC-Part I

Weekly edition | July 26, 2019 

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One of the key achievement and major work of UMT-CONNECTED department ( was to contribute to the policy framework effort for Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Regulations for all public and private Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) upon formal request by HEC. the submission of the ODL Regulations document a long period of silence urged the UMT-CONNECTED Director Mr. Rana Sahib to pay a visit to the Higher Education Commission (HEC). So, Rana Sahib (Director UMT-CONNECTED) along with Mr. Fahad Abrar (Studio Development Coordinator) planned a visit to Islamabad in the month of July. The main agenda of this visit was to indulge the members to push forward the ODL regulations document. Some other important discussions to be made were regarding the Virtual Education Project Pakistan (VEPP) and the implementation of Distance Learning. the tour, the first person Rana Sahib and Mr. Fahad met, was Mr. Naveed Tahir (Director Pakistan Education & Research Network (PERN). The discussion that took place between the three of them was regarding VEPP and other eLearning collaborations. The information Mr. Naveed provided them was about the establishment of Smart Universities through PERN.


These Smart Universities predominantly consist of four components i.e. smart devices, WiFi, smart classrooms and Worldwide Education Roaming for Research and Education (EDUROAM). Over 51 different universities across are implementing this project and the reach of these smart universities would be to 102 countries. A Chinese grant is being approved and an MOU  has been signed with a web TV channel that will help in further broadcasting of smart classrooms. A part of the smart universities will have a fully equipped CCTV setup that will be provided at a no equipment cost. Naveed briefly mentioned about their meeting with World Bank on the eLearning program and briefed us about the eClassroom project that is mainly being looked after by Mr. Abdullah Fayyaz Chattha (Director Operations PERN). The project will involve video recording, sound recording and internet connectivity. Demo sites have been installed in UET and COMSATS for the initiation of eClassrooms.


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