Endorsement by the President

Welcome to the University of Management and Technology’s new Directorate of Distance Education, known as UMT-CONNECTED!

Furnishing a contrast to the buttoned-down approach of on-campus education; Distance Learning is not a new thing to hear in the current era of learning and teaching. It is a notion of past when online learning was not speculated as a mode of higher education, as Distance Learning is in practice for the last five decades. Universities, across the globe, are making tracks of online courses to provide an equal chance to students for acquiring off-campus, online or hybrid learning according to their needs.

Owing to these advancements, worldwide mobility has emerged in the field of Online Education for rendering lifelong opportunities of learning to a wide array of society, which were not possible previously.

Recently, innovative and intriguing opportunities have been marked in the area of teaching and learning, about which people were completely ignorant few years ago. A Directorate of Distance Education has been established at the University of Management and Technology (UMT) in 2018 to bring the University community on board of latest happening of the educational world. The Office is directed to make revolutionary changes in pedagogical, curricular, cultural and policy-making fields of UMT as this is crucial for having full leverage of online, distance and blended approaches of teaching and learning. Executing these approaches will be helpful in furnishing a pitch to uplift both, the quality and quantity of courses offered at the University. We put forth cutting-edge ideas to the departments for developing new programs and remodeling of the existing programs so that the effective articulation of online courses can be carved into reality. We are overwhelmed to announce that UMT is all set to start the ball rolling as establishing the Directorate of Distance Learning and several other new initiatives are in pipeline this year. I look forward to working with the campus for initiating new dynamics of learning under the banner of UMT. I have resilient aspirations to make UMT as distinctive of an institution to be the first and foremost priority of students for high quality, engaging and comprehensive online learning.

I encourage you to contact the DDE team. You can always come and visit their offices to explore the opportunities that online learning offers in itself for you and your students.

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