Endorsement by the Rector

We are delighted to announce the introduction of our online initiative that will remove the geographic barriers of the past. This will put quality education which is the trademark of UMT, within reach of students across the country and even the globe. Our highest priority at UMT is maintaining our tradition of excellence in education and providing transformational experiences that ensure our students' success in all walks of life.

In this regard, UMT-Connected initiative has been launched which comprises of the LiveX, eUMT and UMTx triangular platforms. The primary aim of eUMT is to address the needs of traditional students by providing credit-bearing courses. At the same time, UMT-Connected will cater to working professionals by providing online courses pertaining to workplace skills, whereas, LiveX caters to the needs of the academic community interested in live instruction across the nation via teleconferencing.

Therefore, I encourage you to connect and collaborate with UMT-Connected with regards to technology and pedagogy to explore new avenues of research meanwhile taking online education to par excellence in Pakistan. I extend a warm invitation not only to the students and teaching body at UMT but also vendors, publishers government and non-government agencies to join eTaskforce and play an active role in shaping "UMT-Connected" to revolutionize educational practices through the use of research, innovation, and technological experimentation.

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