Endorsements by the Deans & Directors

We are grateful to our respected Deans and Directors for endorsing our initiative.


Director, Institute of Knowledge and Leadership

Institute of Knowledge and Leadership (IKL), a regional corporate executive education power house, offers highest quality organization development solutions to business entities in UAE, Turkey, KSA, Nigeria and Pakistan. IKL is associated with UMT and runs programs that are designed by top notch faculty members, researchers and practitioners. As a result, we prepare and hone essential competency skills to meet challenges of operating in a global economy.

IKL’s presence in Dubai Knowledge Park, with access to cutting-edge resources enables it to remain at the top of the game by analyzing and evaluating the contributing factors in this digitally connected and dynamic world. IKL feels strongly that it is the need of the hour that the domain of education be globalized as much as possible so that more people can benefit from its advantages. In this regard, IKL fully endorses UMT-CONNECTED’s efforts in propagating the seeds of academic and professional education in all the corners of the globe by setting exemplary initiative for teaching and developing Online Courses, Certificates and Degree programs. IKL is partnering with eUMT to develop online training modules that can cater to the needs of local learners

We wish eUMT good luck for carrying out these revolutionary endeavors that will undoubtedly take the whole distance learning scenario in Pakistan to the next level.

Mr. Rahat Ul Ain

Director, School of Governance and Society

The University of Management and Technology has created UMT-Connected eLearning platform to reach out to students who, for one reason or another, cannot physically attend classes. UMT-Connected introduces a new dimension to university learning. Students can pursue courses, in the comfort of their homes without having to come to the university. The quality of teaching and delivery of lectures will be interactive and as good as in a classroom setting. At the School of Governance and Society, we would be developing appropriate courses to be offered via UMT-Connected. Learners from all over the country can apply. We encourage students to look out for courses of their choice and enroll as soon as the UMT-Connected portal shows such offerings.

Mr. Naveed Yazdani

Chairperson, Department of Management

At School of Professional Advancement, recognizing the decisive role of technology to play in higher education and that augmenting teaching, learning and assessment through its effective use is one way to address our overarching strategic vision and mission in higher education. Technological advancement with it brings marvelous benefits inclusive of improving existing processes efficiency making the entire system operate in time-effective, cost-effective, scalable and sustainable manner. Besides, at School of Professional Advancement, we strive to support students who aspire to study off-campus as we are intensely mindful that many of the distant and working students might find it difficult to attend face-to-face classes.

New and emerging technologies undoubtedly afford excellent opportunities in the form of mobile information appliances for the enhancement of learning opportunities on campus, at the workplace or at home. Since it is evident that appropriate use of technology may improve learning, School of Professional Advancement plans to execute a state-of-the-art learning model and utmost up-to-date technologies. An institutional commitment to helping our students develop higher-order skills of critical analysis, reflection and problem-solving remain an integral part of the learning design approach of our desired eLearning courses. We have firm confidence that effective use of technology will help lifelong learners gain access to formal qualifications.

In the wake of this exciting initiative of UMT-Connected, we look forward to your completion of this project. Our talented faculty and administrative staff working as a team are enthusiastic toward assisting the soon-to-be e-learning students with their inquiries, comments, and suggestions in regard to the offered programs.

Dr. Mumtaz Hassan Malik

Dean, School of Textile and Design

School of Textile and Design embraces the idea of incorporating technological advancement in education to boost teaching and learning process and bring the level of higher education at par with the international standards of education. Supporting the idea of proliferating education through technology complements our all-encompassing goal of bringing enhancement in the current standards of education by making the system efficient, accessible, time-effective and thriving.

Innovation in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) has taken the quest for knowledge to an altogether new level, following the accessibility and portability of communication gadgets at your ease. School of Textile and Design is taking the initiative to ignite this quest for knowledge by facilitating those students who seek to acquire knowledge off-campus due to physical distance, jobs or other issues. The inception of this initiative is the development of a high-end e-learning model that engrosses all the possible aspects and opportunities that can be derived from technology to augment the education process. The implications of the implementation of this model include strengthening the pre-existing knowledge base along with sharpening critical analysis and problem-solving skills to enhance the learning and assessment capacity.

Our faculty and other staff are fully aware of the significance of the e-learning project, so we are confident enough to achieve our mission and vision associated with the projects being accomplished and taken on by UMT-Connected. Moreover, considering the expected overflow of enthusiasm and anticipation of the students upon disclosure of the soon-to-be-launching e-learning programs, our qualified faculty members and vigilant staff section are fully ready to address all possible inquiries and suggestions.

Dr. Naveda Kitchlew

Associate Dean Academics and Internationalization
Associate Professor, Department of Management

School of Business and Economics (SBE) at UMT stands out for its remarkable achievements and rigorously innovative approach toward Business Education in Pakistan. Apart from winning a number of national and international accreditations, SBE is well-known in the market for producing graduates that are equipped with the potential to meet the challenges of the dynamic world. Following the shifting tides of time, it is the need of the hour to amplify our efforts toward the domain of Online Education. In this regard, UMT has launched its strategic initiative in the form of UMT-Connected to boost its attempts to provide quality education through the virtual classroom setting to facilitate the national and global student body. SBE fully endorses this initiative as we believe that online education aims to fulfill the unmet demands of working professionals along with a multitude of other learners. Furthermore, with additional benefits of introducing our students’ educational and professional degrees, it will also offer them career growth and enhanced digital skills.

Ms. Sadia Asif

Founding Director,  Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at the University of Management and Technology (UMT) aims to provide faculty members with a setting and opportunity to exchange expertise in an atmosphere of collegiality. Since UMT is committed to becoming a leading institute in Pakistan so the university's effort to fulfill that commitment is evident from the establishment of CTL. It is dedicated to providing quality services and resources to encourage and support excellent teaching thus, in turn ensuring student engagement and learning as well. CTL is well aware of the shifting tides of time and feels fully equipped to embrace the upcoming pedagogical and learning challenges. In this regard, this center also acknowledges the valuable and much-needed efforts being made by UMT-Connected. CTL fully endorses these efforts and all other initiatives of UMT-Connected and shows complete support to further the agenda of this department in promoting online and distance education. In terms of faculty training, mentoring and professional development, CTL will demonstrate its allegiance with UMT-Connected in establishing and maintaining the quality of education being promised at UMT. CTL hopes that UMT-Connected will succeed in its innovative endeavors toward creating top-notch online courses for the student body in Pakistan while making a name for UMT as well.

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