Message by the Founder

Change is the only constant! Thus, to excel and thrive, administrators and academicians at UMT strive hard to sail their educational development agendas at the pace of rapid currents of time.

With the on-going advancements in the educational technology, blended and online programs will soon become indistinguishable from their on-campus counterparts, benefitting all those students who are unable to commit to a traditional format of education.

We are relentlessly making efforts to ensure that tradition is blended perfectly with innovation to give rise to unique and revolutionary transformations both in pedagogy and learning to empower our stakeholders. By providing access to online programs, we aim to present an equal opportunity to the ever-growing young population in the country to realize their full potential and achieve greatness. We are well aware of the swiftly changing educational scenario and feel confident and equipped enough to brace our students to meet them and achieve greatness.

Keeping one step ahead of other educational institutes of Pakistan, and in line with our unwavering commitment to excellence in education, UMT has developed its strategic initiative named UMT Connected to place itself as one of the pioneers in the realm of Online Learning in Pakistan.

I fully endorse this directive as we believe in adapting to the changing educational setting to lead the community. By offering virtual learning, UMT aims to play its part in imparting quality education while ensuring to bring it within the reach of a maximum number of prospective learners in Pakistan and beyond.

I hope that UMT Connected successfully accomplishes its promising and propitious endeavors and takes UMT to a whole new level of academic excellence.

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