Online education is a vital part of the University of Management and Technology. While the University has had much success in this area, to be more planful about the future, there was a consensus that the University needed a more strategic approach. Last year,  Dr. M. Aslam Rector, UMT charged a task group to:

  • Create a definite positioning statement about the role and value of online learning at the university
  • Consider how to provide operational support for the strategic growth of online programs
  • Leverage and support CTL at UMT to define and build a collaborative approach by providing resources, faculty development, and best practices for online instruction
  • Ensure that colleges, academic units and campuses will have guidelines for online teaching and course development
  • Develop a process to evaluate the efficacy and value of current and emerging system-wide technologies supporting online teaching and learning and recommend those that enhance online learning
  • Charge the leadership with the responsibility of providing necessary guidance and proper direction in implementing the recommendations

UMT-Connected along with the UMTs eTaskForce and other academic and administrative units will be working with the Office of the Rector to address proposed recommendations. For more information about becoming a part of our eTaskForce, please contact us. The eTaskForce, along with its schools, is listed below.

eTaskForce Members


01  Ms. Aizza Anwar SPA
02 Dr. Zara Kiran SHS
03 Mr. Rashid Hussein SBE
04 Dr. Rahat ul Ain SGS
05 Ms. Sadia Asif  ICCS
06 Ms. Zarbakht Rao ICCS
07 Ms. Sumera Shan Malik ICCS
08 Dr. Nauman Khalid SFAS
09 Ms. Fatima Naeem ICPY
10 Ms. Ayesha Jabeen ICPY
11 Ms. Sara Subhan ICPY
12 Mr. Amjad Ali SST
13 Ms. Asma Naseer SST
14 Ms. Ayesha Khan SST
15 Mr. Farooq Ali SST
16 Ms. Sidra Batool STD
17   Dr. Muhammad Showkat Rahim Chowdhury  SSC
18 Mr. Mutahir Mehmood Awan SAP
19 Mr. Muhammad Umair SAP
20 Mr.Saad Mujahid SAP
21 Mr.Sarmad Salah Ud Din SAP
22 Dr. Hassan Shakeel IIB
23 Dr. Yassira Waqar SSSH
24 Ms. Amna Iftikhar IAS
25 Mr. Amer Shakeel SCA
26 Mr. Zohair Farooq Malik SCA

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