Our Commitment

commitmentUMT-Connected seeks to design courses that are of the highest quality in technology-enhanced, hybrid, face to face and online environments. We partner with faculty members, librarians, publishers, employers and other relevant agencies in designing and developing content that meets the highest level of Quality Standards, is in compliance with copyright law, protects intellectual property, is universally accessible and promotes academic integrity.

Quality Assurance
A credible, consistent and high-quality program requires a comprehensive, broad-based and systematic institutionalization of values, procedures, and systems. 

Academic Integrity
Our goal is to build, maintain and promote a virtual learning environment. Online education presents itself with unique academic integrity challenges. However, through deliberate course design and use of tools, we offer online education that encourages academic integrity.

UMT-Connected ensures that the materials and resources used in online courses comply with all laws and policies pertaining to copyright and related matters. Our office makes every effort to provide the resources and materials which instructors want to use while maintaining compliance through the use of creative commons, the university library databases, the creation of original content and other resources etc.

It is essential that online courses are developed in compliance with the universal design standards, as well as all laws and regulations to ensure that online students have an equally accessible experience, similar to a student who attends a class in a traditional, on-campus environment.

UMT-Connected goes to extra miles to ensure that the range of content equips our students with knowledge and skills which enhances their employability at a national as well as at international level.

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