ConnectedRecognizing the current rapid global and large-scale expansion of online educational programs, the University of Management and Technology is positioning itself strongly to cater to the new and diverse needs of the students.

UMT-Connected works with relevant interest groups to create and enforce policies and procedures about on-campus, video-based, technology-enhanced, hybrid, and online courses. UMT-Connected aims to ensure that UMT is compliant with the Higher Education Commission’s standards for Electronically Delivered Courses as well as Quality Matters’ standards. Established in July 2017, UMT has launched a strategic initiative, UMT-Connected, positioned to make UMT as a leader in the eLearning sphere. UMT-Connected is helping subject matter experts use technology-mediated and web-based solutions to enhance teaching and learning. UMT-Connected serves as an incubator for technology-infused curriculum. In addition to providing technical consulting services, the UMT-Connected furnishes technology related advising to faculty and staff who are writing grant applications. UMT-Connected researches modularization, learning objects, podcasting, interactive simulation and game-based learning technologies for future implementation to ensure that our faculty members have access to the latest technologies.

UMT-Connected is committed to the advancement of exciting, engaging and exhilarating digital learning environments, where learners can actively interact with high-quality content, distinguished faculty, as well as renowned industry leaders. The UMT-Connected team prepares technologically-enhanced instructional materials through in-depth conversations with faculty, departments across campus, administrators, researchers, industry experts, and students. In short, we design content, experiences, and interactions that keep participants ahead of the curve, in the dynamic and, globally competitive world.

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UMT-Connected is planning to offer courses, certificates, and programs in various disciplines at undergraduate and graduate levels in the hybrid as well as altogether online format, to widen the horizon of learning of the students located in different geographical locations, to introduce newer pedagogies and to acquaint our students with the latest learning technologies. Alongside, UMT-Connected will research technologies related to pedagogy, and design and test tools to determine its impact on students studying on-campus and through eLearning at a distance.

In collaboration with the academic departments, UMT-Connected will help produce and disseminate original research in the field of educational technology to enhance teaching and learning. UMT-Connected will design new pedagogies based on the shift in educational paradigm to cater for the current and future needs of the world in general and Pakistan in particular.

UMT-Connected aspires to become a leader in the field of teaching and learning by engaging faculty, educators, and partner institutions at the regional and international level in the reinvention of education for the digital age.

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