Vision, Mission & Goals


Creating a world-class education available to anyone, anywhere and anytime through the use of innovative technology to improve teaching and learning.


Our mission is the provision of convenient, affordable and high-quality virtual education for the diverse population while advocating the forward-looking, technology-driven optimism of UMT across all academic disciplines.


UMT Connected aims to accomplish the following goals to:

  • Provide progressing education to adults who wish to acquire new skills and knowledge
  • Develop a platform to offer courses from&nbsp professors at different universities nationally and internationally
  • Design and conduct training programs on educational technology for in-house and external faculty members

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  • Offset time challenges, campus physical facility limitations and distance constraints in the delivery and utilization of educational sector 
  • Provide a forum for conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures and related activities for the discussion of new developments and ideas in educational technology, eLearning and associated disciplines
  • Provide educational services to those individuals who are unable to participate in conventional learning
  • Serve the general educational needs of our city, province, nation and the world
  • Meet and serve the particular requirements of the community, business, industry, and government
  • Be responsive to society, educational equity, and fiscal conditions
  • Be competitive in a changing educational environment
  • Research and develop educational content on different platforms such as MOOC, OER, and Los
  • Research and establish effective pedagogies to achieve the highest standard of education while keeping abreast with the latest trends in educational technology.
  • Evaluate different models of instructional design
  • Research on new educational tools such as the development of intelligent and adaptive tutoring systems
  • Invite faculty to participate in the enhancement of pedagogies in their disciplines using the latest tools and resources
  • Encourage faculty to share their ideas so that collaborative research can be pursued to improve teaching practices

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