The COVID-19 crisis has upended work for everyone. With COVID-19 spreading across the globe, academic institutions have been faced with the challenge of operating remotely. It’s our biggest hope that this pandemic will be over soon, but for now, the best solution for most academic institutions is switching to a live/online virtual environment.

You will find the most up to date official communication pertaining to the continuation of education for our university here. 

Dear Faculty members,

Dear UMT Family Blessed Ramadan Ul Karim Mubarak 1441 Hijri. This is for the information of all concerned that following working hours shall be followed at the University of Management and Technology – UMT (main campus), as well as, all the projects of the ILM Trust, inclusive of UMT Sialkot campus – UMTSC, UMT Quaid e Azam campus – UMTQAC, the Knowledge School – TKS (head office), the ILM Colleges – ILMC (head office) and the Institute of Knowledge and Leadership – IKL.

                                                          Monday to Thursday                  8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

                                                          Friday                                         8:00 AM to 1:00 PM 

      • Saturday will be observed as working day for non-cadre staff from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM 
      • Timings for evening classes will be observed from 3:30PM to 5:30 PM

Essential services departments, e.g., Office of Safety, Security and Vigilance (OSSV), Office of Technology Support (OTS) and Office of Campus Management and Services (OCMS) shall operate with minimum possible personnel on need-basis, as planned and implemented by the respective departmental heads, at their own discretion, in order to provide the necessary support, wherever needed.

Dear Faculty members,

As per directions from UMT Management to Facilitate UMT Community, IPC Labs are available for those Faculty members who are facing issues to deliver online classes, will come to IPC Lab to conduct their online classes. Minimum OTS & OIS staff is also available in Campus to provide IT/IS Support for users.

      • WEB CAM and Headphone Facility is available in IPC LAB.
      • Minimum IPC Lab staff is available in Main IPC Lab (Main Building) for Support. Labs timings are from 8:00 A.M to 9:00 P.M.
      • Minimum OTS/OIS Support staff is available Main Building and Admin Building for Client Support. 9:00 AM to 6:00PM.

Dear Faculty members,

Kindly find the attached tutorial with this email regarding how to join our 24x7 Live Training Sessions on ZOOM.

You may also click on the link below:

Dear UMT Family

With reference to UMT-LMS usage policy document (reference: page#4, policy pt.#10 and pt.#12). Please note that all old course categories titled under Fall 2018, Summer 2018 and Spring 2019 will be removed permanently to optimize UMT-LMS data space.

It is humbly advised to all faculty members to download their Moodle data and save it to your local hard drives or on your cloud storage (Google Drive or misc.) before April 30th, 2020.

Kindly migrate your old data before April 30th, 2020. A video tutorial is also shared with you, guiding you to upload the course materials on Google Drive and share it on LMS course page.

Dear UMT Family

With reference to above mentioned subject, ZOOM send their Product updates which have some security features and User interface change. Please see the below Youtube Video which guides you that how to use updated Zoom version.

Dear UMT Family

This is in continuation to the notification regarding government instructions for Lockdown from March 24, 2020 to April 07, 2020. It has now been announced that the lockdown has been extended till April 14, 2020. Therefore, UMT all faculty & staff are not required to be present on campus as per the revised government instructions.

Please Note:

      • All employees are requested to continue working as per the job description.
      • Weekly progress reports must be submitted to the respective line managers accordingly.
      • All leaves during this period must be applied via the leave portal as per the set standards and protocols.

For any further assistance and concern you may contact Office of Human Resources. Stay home, stay safe!

Respected UMT Visiting Faculty,

We truly appreciate your efforts towards conducting online classes. We are pleased to inform you all that UMT have purchased Zoom licenses for their Faculty. All faculty members licenses have been assigned and activation of license email send to their UMT Official email address. Your UMT email address are created and username and passwords of UMT email address have been send to your private email address . Please read the email carefully and login to UMT email address. Please activate your ZOOM License and start class with unlimited time limit. Now you can avail following benefits through licensed account:

1- 40 min Time Limit Restriction is removed ( After Activation of License)

2- Customize class name according to Subject of Class.

3- Unlimited classrooms hosting.

4- HD video and Audio .

5- 256 Bit security encryption.

6- Session recording and transcription.
7- Record classes and lessons to allow students to learn at their own pace. (Subject to Teacher Access Provided to Participant)

8- You Can Upload your lectures on ZOOM Cloud.

Lastly we request you please properly mentioned your Topic of meeting when you are scheduling the meeting.


We have implement some stick control from backend but we also request you to please explorer some more features and share your findings with us.  Wishing you the very best of luck and keep in mind that we are always available to guide and support you in any way we can.

Note:- We request from all Honorable Faculty members of UMT please strictly follow the UMT Class Room SOP’s which will give you great support to conduct the class and avoid the disturbance in online Classes.

Further, you can get guidelines from site.

Dear Deans, Directors, UMO Heads, Chairpersons, and Faculty Members,

As our fight against COVID-19 continues, this is, perhaps, the right time to review the aspiring vision we envisaged at the outset of our journey, the strategic initiatives we institutionalized, performance standards we set, and operational targets we assigned among us for securing the future of our participants through online education. We are going through the third week of online classes at UMT and have witnessed many instances of remarkable sense of ownership, creative thinking, and problem solving by the faculty for delivering what is expected of them. So far, we have made good progress as far as continuation of education delivery through online classes is concerned. However, embedded in this mode of delivery are some endogenous and exogenous factors which undermine our efforts and therefore, must not be ignored. Accordingly, it has been decided to take account of all such factors from those who are at the forefront of this challenge.

Dear UMT Faculty, you are the soldiers fighting this extremely challenging war. Your competence, dedication, and professionalism have been put to the most difficult test during this time and we are proud to claim that your exceptional conduct has set an example for other professionals in academia to follow. Moving forward, we need to consolidate our achievements and use them as our strength for countering the problems which still exist in delivering quality education through online platforms. For this purpose, we shall count on your first-hand experience of interacting with students through online lectures, the difficulties you and your students have faced or are still facing, and more importantly your suggestions / proposed solutions for tackling the problems in online education. We are particularly looking for your input for devising a uniform policy for assessments, midterm and final exams.

It is proposed that Chairpersons of the Departments must hold immediate online meetings with their respective faculty members, invite their feedback on aforementioned areas, consolidate the feedback on problems viz a viz proposed solutions, and prepare a brief document for its presentation to respective Deans. Once the CODs have done their meeting/s with the faculty, the Deans/Directors must hold a meeting with all CODs of their Schools/Institutes and synthesize the collected feedback/proposals for presenting in the Special Deans Committee Meeting being scheduled in the second week of April. Proposed date for departmental meetings by CODs is April 03, 2020, whereas the School level meetings by the Deans with respective CODs can be held on April 04, 2020. Based on the ground-level feedback, future courses of our education strategy will be finalized in the Special Deans Committee Meeting.

We would rely heavily on your valuable input for our decision making. We look forward to your continued commitment with the vision of continuing the learning and leading process during this challenging time. May Allah keep all of us safe!

Dear All,

ACoursera is offering free online learning (till 31st July, 2020) to all the universities being affected by COVID-19.
It gives us immense pleasure to announce that University of Management and Technology, (Sialkot Campus) has collaborated with Coursera to offer 3600+ of these high quality courses to our faculty and students free of cost. It is a limited time offer and an exciting opportunity as usually such courses cost cost $49/course per month.
Interested candidates (Faculty/Students/Staff) can fill out this form. The values will be validated through Registrar / Respective KU Head and then these candidates would be invited to Coursera.
Following courses are offered through this program. You can browse the catalog here.
Licences are limited. Will be issued on a First Come First Serve Basis.

Dear Chairpersons

May Allah have mercy on us all

This email is to inform faculty members that University of Management and Technology, is developing an electronic repository to advance its online learning initiative.

We are cognizant of the fact that faculty and students are facing some challenges in trying to use technology and variants of online learning in particular. To fix those issues and ensure e-Learning’s time and place flexibility, this electronic repository will serve as institutional knowledge database. It will contain digital content of the lectures delivered by faculty members until the closure of University due to pandemic. The digital repository would include recorded videos, MS power point / MS Word / Excel, PDF and/or any other files.

In this regard, all faculty members may please be informed to upload their weekly lectures on LMS and YouTube. A soft copy of lectures will also be sent to AAQIC at given below email. However, soft copy of previous lectures conducted / recorded till 31st March, 2020 may please be uploaded on LMS and YouTube with copy to [email protected] by Friday 3rd April, 2020

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Dear UMT Family

Hope you are doing well.

We have experienced that never in the history of humanity have so many people been feeling intense anxiety due to the unpredictable situation of COVID-19 and media is making things more difficult. Therefore the Department of Information System at UMT would like its UMT Family to reconnect to the digital medium and join the online course "Mind Control: Managing your Mental Health during COVID-19" using coursera. 

This course will give you a deeper understanding of the anxiety reaction as it relates to various aspects of our current life, ranging from our consumption of news to the way we talk to our children or elders about this.

Course Duration: 10 hours

In this course, you will learn

      • Understanding the Anxiety Response
      • The Necessity of Strategies to Manage Anxiety
      • Achieving Relaxation: A Skill We All Need to Learn Now
      • Why Watching the News is Addicting and How to Manage Your Consumption
      • The Critical Art of Mental Distraction to Crowd Out Stressors
      • How We Think About Physical Distancing and Explaining it to Our Children
      • The Effects of Isolation
      • Some Strategies to Make Isolation More Tolerable
      • The Importance of Social Connection in a Physical Distancing World
      • The Need to Guard Against Depression: The Importance of Control
      • Bring it Together: Practice Makes Proficient

Kindly avail this opportunity to learn the strategies to control anxiety as it will also help you in future to deal with the work pressure in this fast moving digital era.

Dear All,

I recommend going through this collection of articles attached, it may greatly benefit you in your teaching during this global crisis.

In addition to the above, this link to a google doc by a Stanford professor may also be very useful.

Dear UMT Family

We hope and pray that you are having a safe and healthy time with your loved ones. In the tough pandemic times and current situation prevailing, Management has decided to empower our people to work from home. This step has been taken considering the health and wellbeing of our employees. Moving from office workstation to homely environment is of course different and difficult experience in terms of regular correspondence, frequent communication and accessing the data files which we require on daily basis. As a matter of fact to make this experience valuable, requires cooperation with your line managers and Head of departments respectively.

Furthermore, Work from Home is no doubt an ease and comfort at the same time but demands more effective and efficient correspondence. As we are away from our office atmosphere, we have time to work through our think tanks and this is the time where we can bring out some exceptional and creative initiatives which will help the Organization to achieve its vision in this challenging situations. Following measures/ steps to be taken in consideration to Work from Home;

      • Make sure to be available on call and also on your systems /emails to avoid any disruption of work
      • Make use of new collaborative and remote working tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other Learning Resources to Support Homeworking.
      • It is encouraged to use Zoom application for official communications. It provides a secure, easy-to-use platform for messaging, audio and video conferencing, and webinars with your mobile, smartphones, tablet, and desktop and laptop with a single touch.
      • Be responsible and take ownership of work assigned and in meeting deadlines as an independent Business partner.
      • In case if an employee want to avail any leave, proper request shall be submitted through our attendance portal as per the standard and practiced protocol.
      • Provide full support and cooperation to your department heads in terms of completing pending tasks and projects so that we may not lack behind with our timelines and deliverables.
      • Management expects that all Line Managers /CoDs/UMO Heads/Deans/Directors are directly maintaining task sheets and attendance log of their respective team members and are also tracking their work/task dashboards.

        Let’s get through with this difficult time together and stay connected to minimize these distances and stay safe!

It Staff & Students,

Please find the attached document file regarding the Clinical Counseling Services offered by the Institute of Clinical Psychology-UMT. Please feel free to approach the Clinical Counsellors mentioned in the document, for any sort of psychological help that you might need during this crucial Covid-19 Pandemic period. 

Stay safe and protected!

Dear Participants,

"If Allah afflicts you with any hardship, there is none to remove it except He. And if He intends to bring some good to you, none can avert His bounty. He brings it to whomever He wills from among His servants. He is the Most Forgiving, the Very Merciful."  Surah Yunus:107

These are indeed very testing times. We are facing a unique extraordinary pandemic the world has not seen a scale of. We all need to be extremely watchful of ourselves, our loved ones and our community. Given the tenacity of our Pakistani people and especially our youth, I am extremely sure we will successfully come out of this very soon.

People in every part of UMT are working very hard to protect the health and safety of the University community while preserving our students’ opportunity to complete their term. We are doing everything to the utmost to make sure we responsibly deal with this situation. Rest assured we will not compromise the learning of our participants or the safety of our faculty and staff. UMT faculty will also not cease our main objective and effort to continue to impact the world through our research and thought-leadership. 

As soon as we heard the news of the virus & keeping the safety of UMT family paramount, we planned to go online regardless of the government's advice. UMT Management, specially OTS and eUMT in addition to the heads of statutory offices, played a key role and spent weekends on making sure there was no loss of learning for our participants. I want to commend their exceptional efforts and extreme hard work. May Allah give them reward. 
I also want to make a special mention of all Deans, CODs, UMOs & other essential staff for continuing to be present to ensure basic functioning of the university.
Once we received the circular from HEC, I believe, we were the first in Punjab to totally transition online with 2,700 courses and a hundred online classes being held simultaneously. On the first day, we had around 10,000 online learners: a remarkable feat. I believe out of all conventional universities, this is the largest online setup being currently run. I want to thank our valuable participants for showing great commitment (90%+ avg. class attendance) and our highly dynamic faculty for participating in this cause to make sure learning and knowledge transfer continued, no matter what.
To keep you all safe on the campus, OCMS distributed masks, sanitizers and sprayed disinfectants in the campus buildings every few hours throughout the week.
All faculty and participants are required to make use of technology and to fully and extensively use moodle, telephones, myUMT app, email, & WhatsApp so you are in regular touch with each other regarding your courses, counselling or any other matter. We are also continuously improving the online system, organizing trainings and then focusing on retraining the faculty for this transition. 

I would like to thank the many students and others who have come forward to voice their concerns, share their experiences and offer advice on improving services. Let me say that we have listened. We have heard you, and we will continue to do so. We share your concerns, and we are strongly committed to collaborating with you to address them.

Given the record exponential spike in the number of cases in Pakistan, we cannot predict when it will be safe to restart classes in person. My guess is that it may take another 2-8 weeks depending on the situation. We are considering and discussing options and will decide whatever is best for all.

Remember, we all have to act together to slow down the spread of this virus. 

For prevention,

Prophet Muhammad SW's hadith gives guidance to all, "Cleanliness is half of faith." 
Most people (about 80%) recover from the disease without needing special treatment but that does not mean you do not take precautions.

 For those who may have symptoms, please self-quarantine yourself until tested.

It is also advised to totally stop socializing 


, prefer to meet virtually and to maintain a physical distance of 3 feet.

At the same instance, it is a great opportunity to spend time with your family, on your personal development, your fitness & health, on self-reflection and on being empathetic.

For all 


issues, advisors, CODs, PRS at ORG and participants should be in touch.

For those of you who may be facing anxiety, stress or mental health issues due to this pandemic, you may contact 

[email protected] or 

[email protected] at UMT Institute of Clinical Psychology for counselling appointments.

Lastly, through the UMT Sustainable Development Initiative we have planned to provide food ration boxes for a month for 5000 daily wage workers affected from Corona. Please contact [email protected]k if you may like to assist or volunteer.
May Allah, The Creator & Sustainer keep us all safe.

Dear UMT Family,

This is for information of all concerned that University is already closed as per the directives of Government of Pakistan received through Higher Education Department, and support/administrative staff is working with minimum man power to run the operations of their respective departments.

Now, as per instructions of Government of the Punjab, the Additional Chief Secretary (home) has issued the notification No. SO(IS-II)1-1/2004 dated March 23, 2020, announcing for the implementation of Lock Down in the Province of Punjab with effect from Tuesday, March 24, 2020, from 9:00 AM to Tuesday, April 07, 2020 9:00 AM. The silent features of the lockdown are as follows:

1. There shall be a complete ban on all within city, inter-district and inter-province movement of people by all means.

2. There shall also be a complete ban on gatherings of all kinds for social, religious, or any other purpose at any place, public or private.

3. All offices, public and private shall remain closed.

Keeping in view the implementation and compliance of the above notification, the University will be completely closed, for support and administrative staff as well. The faculty is already working from home and delivering the online lectures to the students.

From now onward, till further instructions, all the support and administrative staff will also start working from home and will be available on the mobile phones/computers during office hours for the support and facilitation of students and staff, as much as practically possible.

We request to all employees to stay at home and try to protect yourself and your family from this disease and stand together to face this challenge as one nation. You are also requested to please adhere all the guidelines and instructions issued from the Government for the prevention and protection of ourselves. Stay Blessed, Stay at Home and Stay Safe.

Dear Faculty Members and Participants,

It is very encouraging to see that you have been making gradual progress with the online lectures. We have received record of many classes in which attendance was more than 90%. This speaks a lot about the determination of UMT’s participants and faculty members for continuing the process of knowledge acquisition in this difficult time.

However, some classes were not held on Monday and Tuesday, whereas, in some other classes the attendance was low. In this context, both the faculty members and students are requested to ensure maximum attendance in the class keeping in view that holding of lectures and marking of attendance as per the timetable of Spring 2020 is Mandatory.

Through the cooperation of Faculty, Students, and UMT’s Administration, we are moving towards a leadership position in Pakistan’s academia for offering online/live education using digital technologies.

This is a testimony of our resilience in fighting the global disaster through our collective resolve.

Dear Faculty Members and Participants, As you know, proper use of LMS for all of your classes is mandatory, particularly now that the campus has been shut down. It has become absolutely essential and critical to use LMS in order to continue the educational process. LMS should be used to post course material, weekly/calendar activities, assignments, quizzes and discussion forums.

Additionally, faculty is required to maintain their live schedule of classes as per the time table using

If you need technical help, you can always contact OTS team over email or you may call at +92 42 111 300 200 Ext. 3600, 3421.

I look forward to your cooperation in these testing times. May Allah protect us all.

This is with reference to HED's notification number SO(Univ.) Misc-2/2020, it is being informed that UMT is closed for all teaching and non teaching staff till April 05, 2020. Furthermore, it is advised that they should continue to work from home and keep on delivering online lectures as communicated earlier.
In order to meet the minimum administrative requirements as advised by HED, the administrative staff required to be present on campus will be informed separately.


Dear Faculty Members,

With reference to holding of online classes at UMT, Office of Technology Support is organizing training sessions for faculty members starting from today in a while. The texts messages have already been sent to your mobile phones. Soon you will receive invitation links through email for joining these sessions. I am sharing a school-wise schedule with you here for your convenience and reference. Please extend cooperation by joining these training sessions through your laptops/PCs/or even mobile phones

In continuation of earlier communication on holding the online classes and trainings/sensitization of faculty with the solution currently being deployed, we would like to thank all the faculty members who joined these sessions. however, a large number of our colleagues could not join due to various reasons. OTS has planned another session which is open for everyone who is willing to attend. The session will be held at 9:00 PM tonight. You can join this session by following the link below:

(if needed:

Meeting ID: 284 236 313
Password: 872963 ) 

Furthermore, a video tutorial has also been prepared to help you with organizing your lectures online. The video tutorial can be accessed on the following link:

You may also seek help from the attached documents which are a step-by-step guides for delivering online lectures.


Dear Colleagues,

Assalam o Alaikum.

It is intimated that UMT is closed for students and regular classes are suspended till further notice .In continuation of earlier announcement, UMT bus  service is also being suspended as a precautionary measure till further announcement.All staff/faculty members are requested to use their own/public transport during suspension period of UMT bus services.

Any inconvenience in this regard  is regretted please.

It is to inform you that UMT will only be close for students till further notice. Furthermore, Staff and faculty will observe regular office timings and respective faculty will attend office and record online lectures for the students. OCMS and OSSV Please do necessary arrangements

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