Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) for Instructors
Lecturing Online with Zoom and Moodle LMS

Mentioned below are the most frequently asked questions that instructors typically inquire about, while teaching live sessions using Zoom online conferencing tool and the Moodle LMS.

1. Do I have to conduct classes using the "Zoom online conferencing tool" based on the existing scheduled timings of my face-to-face courses?

Yes. You are expected to conduct live/online lecture sessions as per your regular schedule using Zoom and Moodle LMS.

2. Am I not going to use my personal email ID-based Zoom login credentials from now onwards?

You may use your UMT-based email credentials to access zoom.us, however since Zoom has been integrated through to the LMS, you should use LMS login credentials to schedule a meeting.

3. In the licensed version, will I be able to view my free version meetings?

Unfortunately, record of recordings from when you used the free version of Zoom is not available. Now that you have access to the licensed/upgraded version, so the history of all of your meetings, which you have created on the new version, should be available.

4. Do I need to create a new zoom session ID for each of my live class sessions?

No, you can “recur” the meeting on a daily/weekly basis if it repeats at the same time slot. Instead of creating multiple links/session IDs, it is best practise to create just one link and share it through the Moodle LMS.

5. How will my students receive the Zoom live session link?

Zoom has been integrated through to the Moodle LMS, so you must schedule the meeting on LMS. Students will directly access the scheduled meetings through the LMS.

6. What infrastructure is available for my online classes?

You may use your laptops, desktops, mobiles, iPads etc. You are required to run all live sessions of your regular classes..

7. What hardware do my students need to attend my live sessions?

Students can access your live session through their mobile phones, laptops, computer desktops, iPads etc.  Of course, they must have access to the internet. Both wifi and/or data will work.

8. What hardware do my students need to attend my live sessions?

Students can access your live session through their mobile phones, laptops, computer desktops, iPads etc.  Of course, they must have access to the internet. Both wifi and/or data will work.

9. How do I take student attendance during the live session?

You can take attendance by clicking on “Reports” in your account. Going to the “Usage”, a history of meetings will be available. It will display the number of participants with their names and email ID whoever attended the meeting..

10. Is there a maximum length of the live session in Zoom?

There is no time limit for a live lecture session on Zoom. You can schedule the duration of class as per your requirement, however it is best practise to create your lectures in smaller chunks..

11. What key features of Zoom can assist in my teaching?

Typically in a classroom, you would use a whiteboard and/or a projector. Zoom has features that mimic both of these. There are some other features as well which are listed below:

  • Whiteboard: is similar to everything you have available in your classroom whiteboard. You can write in freehand, or write text, or you can point and highlight, erase, add check marks etc. You can save your whiteboard too.

  • Screen sharing: You can open and share websites, videos, PowerPoint presentations documents, basically through screen share, you can share anything that is on your screen. You can live stream, record and then you must share your recorded session through the LMS.

  • File sharing: To show any document to the students, you can send files in the chat box and then students can access it directly on Zoom during the Live Lecture Session.

  • Nonverbal feedback: Students in the Live Lecture Session can provide nonverbal feedback and express opinions by clicking on icons in the panel.

  • Breakout room: You can split meeting participants into separate, smaller rooms for group presentations, oral quizzes etc.

  • Polling: You can create polls and ask any question for a survey.

12. What controls are available through Zoom to better manage potential unruly behavior of students in my classes?

1) Use Zoom’s waiting room feature to allow students; 2) Instruct students to enter their full name as well as official student ID’s and only allow those students to join the lecture; 3) Practice the control features on Zoom and create a 10 minutes policy for attendance. Do not allow students to join after the given time.; 4) As a host you can disable the renaming of participants’ name; 5) As a host you can remove students with unruly behaviour; 6) Set live lecture expectations at the start of the lecture; 7) Use Zoom control features to manage audio, video, chat and whiteboard and Screen share; 8) Block the IDs which are not recognizable. Allow students with only registered names and IDs. With the licensed version, Zoom automatically restricts the access to participants who do not have UMT ID.

13. How can Zoom be used to demonstrate Math/Stats/Chemical equations through the Whiteboard?

You can buy a digital pen that costs around three thousand rupees or you can purchase an actual whiteboard which doesn't cost more than thousand rupees to explain that kind of content. Obviously you need your webcam for such a demonstration.

14. Can I record my live sessions?

Live sessions must be recorded. Please ensure to record your sessions and inform your students that the lectures are being recorded. You can then share recordings of your live sessions using the LMS.

15. How much space is there in ZOOM cloud?

As per the Zoom help desk centre, the cloud recording storage capacity is 0.5 GB/Pro User. If your class time period is 1.5 hours, you can store 3-4 lecture recordings and if your class is of 3 hours then only 2 lecture recordings could be stored in the cloud. An email alert will be sent to the account owner when usage is 80% of the subscribed storage limit. If the storage limit is reached during a recording, the meeting will continue to record until it is ended. It is best practise to download your lecture recordings from the cloud in your system as they will be automatically deleted from the cloud within the time period of 30 days. Therefore, you must directly record your live lecture recordings on your computer and upload them through your institutional ID-based YouTube account on a weekly basis. Directions are available here.

16. Where should I record my lectures? On cloud or on the computer?

It is suggested to record your lectures on the computer as the cloud recording storage capacity is 0.5 GB/Pro User so it can not hold all of your recordings in it. After the duration of 30 days, all the cloud recordings will be automatically moved to trash. Remember to upload them through to your institutional ID-based YouTube account on a weekly basis. Directions are available here.

17. From where can I view upcoming and previous meetings?

The record of upcoming and previous meetings is available on your Zoom account in the “meetings” section.

18. How do I compensate for the required lab based/practicum activities in my online classes?

You are encouraged to describe the theoretical component of the subject to your students. Furthermore, you can find relevant videos on YouTube for your students to watch. Meanwhile UMT/HEC are developing formal guidelines to be shared with all of you in due course.

19. How to control harassment issues during the online lectures on Zoom?

UMT administration is considering a relevant communique to the students..

20. Will my moodle LMS course manage a large volume of videos and documents etc. in terms of the file size?

You must use YouTube for videos and GoogleDrive for PowerPoints and other documents. You can then add links in your moodle LMS course to those resources..

21. How will my students submit assignments?

All quizzes and assignments are to be submitted through the Moodle LMS. You should also set up discussion forums on your LMS on a weekly basis so that your students could discuss course topics with their classmates. This is a great way to add further engagement, interactivity and communication, asynchronously.

22. How can cheating be minimized for Quizzes/assignments in my online classes?

Consider minimizing the use of MCQs and instead introduce discussion forums and reflective/personal assignments..

23. How students are going to attempt Quiz if they are experiencing internet issues?

Instructors may have to handle this on a case by case manner..

24. Students complain of bad voice quality and weak internet issues etc?

Unfortunately the heavy load on the internet creates this issue at times but mostly the system is working..

25. How to solve Internet/power issues in remote areas?

The problems of students belonging to remote areas has been looked into by UMT and HEC. A policy will be shared in due course of time. Meanwhile, upload your recorded lectures through the LMS and upload all relevant study materials into the LMS..

26. Some students and instructors don't have laptops and PC’s?

1) Instructors should start the meeting and then ask their colleague/TAs/RAs/Program coordinators to share their screen and record the meeting;

2) Students should be able to attend the live sessions using their phones..

27. Some students are logging in from their phones. They can't do Moodle tasks from the phone because of the small screen?

Possible Solution: Moodle MobileApp has a limited functionality. This is certainly a challenge and we are looking into it.

28. How to hold a Guest Lecture on Zoom? 

Guest Lecture means that someone from outside the university is being invited to join in the Zoom meeting. OTS Team has put a restriction on unauthorized/ non- UMT participants for security reason.To invite a guest speaker to your live session, contact the OTS department to create a guest ID or you can share your ZOOM email address with your guests so they can join the session using your ID. You can also ask the OTS department to remove the restriction temporarily. You have to enable the option of “Identify guest participants in the meeting/webinar” from your ZOOM account settings.


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