User Guides

Listed below are user guides about Zoom, YouTube and the Moodle LMS. You are welcome to download the user guides or to watch short videos to learn more about the features and capabilities of these essential technologies.


UMTx (OpenEdX)

UMTx allows you to develop skills-based MOOCs. Provided below are the basic and the advanced User Guides that address all features of OpenEdX. Additionally, nano-tutorials have been made available that walk you through the same step.



Using Zoom effectively will help you conduct a successful virtual lecture that motivates learners to participate throughout the session. It is extremely beneficial to master all aspects of Zoom live conferencing software, so you can take full charge of the teaching and learning process taking place in the virtual environment.



Learn to set up your live streaming YouTube account to start streaming and uploading your pre-recorded lectures.



Watch these short videos to master key aspects of your Moodle LMS. LMS is not just a content repository, but instead it can be a live, thriving and energetic learning platform.

LMS Short Videos

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