Academic Student Mentors serve a critical advising and support role for student success. Student mentors do not teach courses. Instead, they are their students' primary source of information about academic program operation, and about the policies and procedures of the university.

The students' academic progress is the matter of deep personal interest for the teachers, and the mentors show significant commitment towards the success of students in their personal and professional.

As mentors are experts in students' academic program detail, so they can provide answers to the questions about the academic progress of the students.

Student mentors offer consultation to students about time management and schedule benchmarks for the student to successfully master program concepts, knowledge and skills. They help the students in the identification of their strengths and weaknesses and in connecting them with the required resources to reinforce the former and beat the latter. They show a structured discipline, and they are strong communicators. Last but not least, their capabilities are not limited to these areas, but they are also committed to performing these functions with full zeal and zest.


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