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Being the UMT, a leading university, service/business continuity of Participant Relations Section (PRS) at Office of the Registrar (ORG) is essential, however, without compromising on the health of our all stakeholders including participants, parents, employees etc.

Under the current circumstances pertaining to Coronavirus and as per the instructions by the Government of Pakistan, UMT is closed for the safety and well-being of our valued participants as well as our employees. Due to this, you may face a delayed response on [email protected] or [email protected] .

Introduction & Purpose of Digital PRS Helpdesk

To promote social distancing, seamless communication and to avoid any inconvenience, PRS at ORG is introducing Digital PRS Helpdesk. PRS encourages you to use Digital PRS Helpdesk channel; the purpose of this helpdesk is intended

  • To ensure that queries/complaints are handled fairly, efficiently and effectively
  • enable us to respond to issues raised by participants making complaints in a timely manner
  • boost participant’s confidence in administrative process

PRS Helpdesk does not directly cover following but application shall be processed through PRS:

  • Examination results – PRS will not consider an appeal against the academic judgments
  • Disciplinary processes and actions
  • Academic offences
  • Complaints from anonymous individuals or from an un-attributable source
  • Appeals against admissions decisions

How to use it

  • In initial phase, participants must initiate their queries and complaints through PRS Helpdesk by sending email at [email protected] 
  • The use of PRS Helpdesk is mandatory to post/register the queries/complaints. The query/complaint post or register other than PRS Helpdesk will not be entertained
  • By using PRS Helpdesk, a unique ticket number will be generated and communicated to all concerned. It will not only help us all in tracking the application/query/complaint but also helps in handling in a timely manner

Please feel free to contact in case of any query.

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