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Featuring Mr. Usama Nazeer - My eCourse, My Story

Tuesday, May 05, 2020


Weekly Digital Edition | Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Featuring Mr. Usama Nazeer
My eCourse, My Story



This week we bring you a Top Story by Mr. Usama Nazeer, currently working as a Lecturer at the Institute of Liberal Arts (ILA), Center for Languages at UMT. He was a Gold Medalist of BISE Gujranwala in Intermediate and got a high achievement certificate from CM Punjab in 2011. After this, he graduated from Punjab University Law College. Later, he joined Beijing Language and Culture University where he completed Two Years Chinese Language Course. On his return from China he worked as a Chinese Language translator in various projects under CPEC and various delegations that came from China.

With his remarkable experience of over one and half years in teaching, he shares his interesting thoughts about the recent unexpected yet swift on-campus to live/online switchover. Our hope is that this story will give you a strong sense of trust in eLearning.

He achieved a “Certificate of Appreciation” for early adoption
of a live digital technology solution designed for
conducting online classes at UMT from Rector UMT on
March 16, 2020.




As this transition was quite dramatic and was completely a different thing in the beginning, but, after   investing some time in it I felt very satisfied.


Firstly, it is more technical than the traditional mode of teaching which is a good thing.

Secondly, it is time saving! You just need to turn on your laptop or even use your cell phone to teach.

Thirdly, there is a lot of new stuff to learn for both Teachers and Students.

In my opinion, you are more in touch with the students in traditional mode of education, students easily share their study related problems with the teacher and the teacher has much more time to solve them out but, obviously there are counseling hours as well.

To be very honest, this is the best we are doing in this tragic time. Online learning is completely different from the traditional one and every mode has its pros and cons which are differently unique.

In the very first online lecture, some of my students from far off rural areas had to go find some place with internet facility, this was very inspiring for me as well. Also, on a funny note, some of the students did not have any idea of how to use and handle this online mode, so there were children crying and hawkers sounds in the background that was quite funny.

There is an idiom which goes, "Blessing in Disguise". I think, as tragic but this is the best time to review our traditional teaching system and make less reliance on it. It is time we try to keep up with the pace of the modern world.

Online learning is working very successfully in developed countries and it's a need of the new age. I have come to know that many of our students are not very happy with this new format. I will advise them to give it some time, it is not as hard as it seems. There is too much new to learn to be able to compete with the needs of 21st Century.

I would personally like more use of technology, online course content, update some course related video lectures on youtube and more use of LMS.


I would have found some solid solutions for online quizzes and exams. But like I said, this whole situation came up pretty unexpectedly and this is the best we are doing for UMT's students.




 Snapshots of My Recent Virtual Classroom



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