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Featuring Ms. Saima Saqlain-My eCourse, My Story

Monday, April 06, 2020

Weekly Digital Edition | Monday, April 6, 2020

Featuring Ms. Saima Saqlain

My eCourse, My Story

This week we bring you a Top Story from Ms. Saima Saqlain, who is currently working as the Lecturer at School of Media and Communication Studies. With a remarkable experience of over nine years in teaching and media channels, she shares her interesting thoughts about the recent unexpected yet swift on-campus to live/online switchover. Our hope is that this story will give you a strong sense of trust in eLearning. She is passionate about her work and conveys her lectures in a very interactive fashion, which is why her class attendance is always 100%. 

She achieved a “Certificate of Appreciation” for early adoption of a live digital technology solution designed for conducting online classes at UMT from Rector UMT on March 16, 2020.

Relatively easier than I expected as the applications were extremely user friendly and understandable. I was doubtful if the students could understand by just word of mouth but their keen interest in learning made it easier for both me and the students to learn online.


There were more than three aspects, but, if I had to summarize, the first and foremost was the devoted attitude of the students to learn even if they are forced to remain in quarantine. Furthermore, their comfort with usage of the internet made it quite effortless to transition. Lastly, the students were able to compromise on certain aspects in order to learn and hence added to the importance of studying.


Being able to have one on one interaction with the students, having to make them understand everything during the class timings and seeing the look on each students face as they understood the concepts clearly.


In an era of technological advancements, it was comparatively easy to find various techniques that were insightful enough for the students to understand.


Normally every class I take with my students is unique and hence, I cannot fathom to find any specific incident that took place during the class timings. However, I do feel that it is important for the teacher to have a one on one session after the lecture is over to answer each and every question even if it is repeated a hundred times. Sometimes a student asks a question to which another student answers totally wrong but confidently which lightens up the mood of all the class.

Students sometimes mistakenly forget to turn off their mics, which results in exposure of their funny home affairs. Sounds of different pets make it very difficult to control laughter at some serious moments.  In my most recent class, a student was fighting with her wife threatening to scold her after the class in a lighter mood was hilarious.


I urge them to become more comfortable with the format and do not try to be hesitant to explore the technology and various other options that we get in the moodle LMS and Zoom Applications.


If given the chance, I would request them to understand that this is an amazing opportunity to learn and enhance their skills even if they are staying in their comfort zones which are their own homes. I would urge them to concentrate on presenting every class with full attention to which the resource person is saying.

Students who are facing any difficulty because of the network should read the slides from LMS carefully. If they have any queries they can clear it by sending voice notes on WhatsApp group of the concerned subject. They can raise their hands and can use a chat box of zoom during class. Teachers are very cooperative in this regard.


I would definitely try to integrate some more usage of videos and classroom activities online to keep the students updated virtually as well.


I believe that everything that was under control since day 1. The university and the administration have done everything they can in order to ensure comfort for both the teachers and the students.

In my viewpoint, the best way to execute online classes is to teach through Whatsapp, it is smooth, easy and user friendly. The teacher should send slides on WhatsApp with an audio note of main concepts. Students should thoroughly go through the slides carefully and should be allowed to ask 3 questions through voice notes, the teacher will then answer the questions during the time of lecture.

It should be mandatory for every student to ask questions during the lecture in order to confirm their attendance. Limit of questions would be 3 for every student as it would be difficult and hectic for the teacher to answer so many questions. Students should sum up their queries in 3 questions.

Final note: Quality of voice notes is best to understand a lecture, still if there is network issue a conference call could be a way out.

Snapshots of My Recent Virtual Classroom

Thank you for reading. That's it for this week! 

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