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Featuring Ms. Usbah_Yousaf-My eCourse, My Story

Saturday, May 23, 2020



Weekly Digital Edition | Saturday, May 23, 2020

Featuring Ms. Usbah Yousaf
My eCourse, My Story

Alhamdulillah! I am experiencing a great dynamic learning mode through this technological transition. This is an epoch of digital learning, so I believe that l have come up with it smoothly and efficiently. In this time of need, online teaching is the best method of distance learning. So, I consider this as a paramount way of having virtual communication among teacher and students.

Most importantly, the response of the students is worthwhile. They are fully participating and attending classes through this digital approach. This shows their true devotion for learning in this epidemic crisis. More interestingly, my class attendance is in between 92% to 100% which is another sign of good adaptation of this evolution. I also give responses to my student’s queries via professional emails. Being a batch advisor, I am also having counselling sessions with them via Zoom App. 

I am missing face to face and group interaction with students but online teaching has provided a solution of video conferencing. I am also missing on-campus class decorum, students’ discipline/participation which is now replaced by online classrooms. 


I am providing online video presentations, delivering audio lectures, recording them and uploading links on google drive and sharing the link with students on LMS and in their WhatsApp groups accordingly. After delivering my lecture I give 10 to 15 minutes to the students to ask questions or to share any motivational incident which they have experienced in this time of crisis.

Most of the times when I unmute my students to ask questions l hear so many funny noises. Like their mother or father are calling their children for dinner while saying them to offer food to me as well. This is funny and sometimes adorable as well. 

I advised other faculty members not to give up in this difficult time. Just feel motivated and work with determination because this time shall pass too. I also suggested them to mute the students' mics while delivering lectures to maintain online class modesty. After delivering a lecture, ask the students to raise hands then unmute that particular participant and give answer to their question.


I advised students to cooperate with their resource person, listen to their instructions carefully, fully participate in class and ask questions to clarify the concepts. I highly encourage my students who belong from remote areas to participate in online classes because being their educational mentor it is my prior concern not only to educate them but also motivate and polish them.


I will take help of Zoom Meeting App to conduct a make-up class later on in case I am not able to attend a class on-campus. I will also use LMS Moodle frequently, will upload the course material and check the assignments through it.



In the beginning, it was difficult to take on such a drastic change because I was in practice of conducting on-campus classes. But, gradually with the help of Zoom Meeting App, LMS Moodle and support of the OTS and S.T.A.I.R.S. team things got much better.

Whole heartedly, I truly appreciate the efforts of the university high authorities and administrative staff who took a vigilant action in this time of catastrophe to run the things smoothly via digital learning for faculty and students as well.

Snapshots of My Recent Virtual Classroom



   Thank you for reading. That's it for this week! 

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