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Mr. Rizwan Ali Shah My eLearning, My Story

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Weekly Digital Edition | Wednesday, May 30, 2020

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My eLearning, My Story


With the current prevailing situation due to COVID-19, eLearning is the only way through which the process of teaching and learning could continue. Now that we are over the initial hump, all online courses should be designed, so as to have more student engagement through discussion forums or voicethreads, as is the case in some courses already. Also, conventional methods of reading from the slides aren’t going to reap us any benefits. Instead, teachers should provide relevant materials such as course content, research papers to us (the students) in advance in a pre-recorded fashion. Then ask us to take quizzes and submit assignments out of those materials.

Integration and interaction among students lie at a place of high significance because the teacher is unaware of the attention a student is giving to the live/online session. Many of the students are logged into the live session, however they do not pay the necessary attention that is required. Evaluation over the content transmitted currently via Zoom does not serve the purpose of an effective teaching and learning mechanism. LMS should be used heavily through discussion forums and other forms on interactivity.


Having course materials available to students in advance through the LMS is extremely useful. This helps us in planning ahead and knowing about the requirements in advance, instead of discovering about what needs to be done on a week by week basis.

Ø  Saving students on the commute time they take while going to university and coming back to their residences.

Ø  Convenience for hostel students as online classes are saving them up with the expenses of hostel rent and accommodation.

Ø  A sense of relief for female students who may come from distant places and have classes in the late timings.

Online classes/courses are being offered by some of the leading universities of the globe, so we cannot deny the fact that online classes are dispensing any value, they surely are.

For teachers if they keep the session more interactive by providing students with tasks and asking them questions meanwhile can be of value in this regard, but teachers need to be trained for the whole process. Simply running slides is not cutting it, anymore!

Online courses are providing students the opportunity to have all the skills taught to them on their personal devices, which for many of us are giving the chance to excel the opportunities for employment.


Group discussion should be preferred, task based assessments, assignments followed up by regular check.


Students forget to turn off their mics and the sounds of the background are amusing at times.


Thank you for reading. That's it for this week! 

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