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Monday, June 15, 2020

Weekly Digital Edition | Monday, June 15, 2020

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Some of my Achievements at UMT

1.      Organizing various events like the Kashmir Conference,
health communication campaign etc.

2.      Hosting the 18th Convocation of UMT

3.      Winning the clean desk competition

4.      Working as an administrator for the social media page of SMCS


My transition from a traditional mode of teaching to an online mode of teaching was quite smooth and interesting as I was already sharing all the course related content through LMS. Completely switching to online teaching mode with no physical interaction was initially a bit challenging as we were supposed to make online teaching easy and interesting in order to increase student interest and keep them connected and motivated. 

Three aspects that I found to be the most worthwhile were:

During this pandemic teachers could easily take classes from home.

All across the world online teaching is a common aspect, hence, online teaching should be encouraged alongside the traditional mode of teaching.

It has made me more active as I realized that only active and motivated teachers can make online teaching effective and drive students towards it.

Well, virtual classroom in itself is a completely new world, however, what I miss the most from the traditional classroom environment is the routine of going to university and meeting my students and colleagues and delivering lectures in class. The traditional mode of teaching also helps in  monitoring the behavior of students and interacting with them. 


I had to put in a lot of effort! Firstly, to motivate my students, so that their morale is boosted. Secondly I made the necessary changes in my course outline and activity planning. Now, after several weeks have passed, everything is working smoothly.

Once I was delivering a lecture, I kept on speaking in a flow, after 2-3 min I realized that the zoom meeting had already ended. That was a bit funny. Sometimes, when I ask questions from some students randomly, there is a complete silence from their side, they pretend that their internet connection is lost.


Well, I will say everyone should go with the flow. No one should feel shy in asking for help or telling that they are not that good when it comes to online teaching. There is no age for learning new things. I would especially like to mention that the S.T.A.I.R.S team is always there to help you out in any way possible. No one is perfect and there is nothing bad about it. So, just stop overthinking and take a step forward and try.


Now that many weeks have passed, comfort level has increased or you can say that there is more adaptability now. Students as well as teachers have adjusted to the new working environment. But, still there are students who are hesitant or consider it a burden mostly because of poor internet connection in their areas, and lack of appropriate home environment for online lectures. My advice to them would be to stay committed and motivated in this difficult time, this too shall pass! I would say that we should always try to look at the positive side of this online teaching format rather than just focus on the negativities. Optimism is the key to boost their will and motivation.


Well, I have learned a lot of things during this pandemic and I will continue most of these things once our regular classes will begin. Even before the lock down I was using LMS religiously. I used to upload all course material, assignments and quizzes over there. Even when things are back to normal, I might still continue to  use the ZOOM meeting app or even share important information and record lectures. I plan to continue my YouTube channel and explore it further. This lockdown situation has made me more tech savvy, and I simply love it!


Well, obviously it was sudden with no preparation at all; even most of our course material was left on the university desktop but with the University management support Alhamdulillah everything was sorted out.  If we had enough time for preparation while still at the university, then we could have had proper training regarding LMS and Zoom. We could have transferred all of our data ourselves. Notes that were in hard form would have been provided to the students. Teachers as well as students would have been made more prepared for the upcoming circumstances. This could have made the transition even smoother.


Snapshots of My Recent Virtual Classroom


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