International Partners

In order to improve our online education, we have established liaisons with the most reputable international organizations collaborating with us in the provision of eLearning products and services. All these services cater to providing Open Educational Resources, Cloud Workflow Software, Storyboard Plot, and Scrum Software. 

HECLumen Learning offers deep expertise in the adoption and effective use of open educational resources (OER), design of highly effective online and technology-enhanced instruction, learning data analysis with a focus on improving outcomes, and community collaboration. Lumen Learning’s mission is to enable unprecedented learning for all students by using open educational resources (OER) to create well-designed and low-cost course materials that replace expensive textbooks.

HECFlokzu lets you model your cloud workflow by using the international standard BPMN and a simple drag-and-drop interface through which you can shape your cloud workflow according to your organization's needs. Through this excellent program, you can combine tasks, deadlines, time management, business rules, and notifications without writing a single line of code. Deploying and running your processes in minutes/hours (instead of weeks/months) is a crucial benefit of Flokzu.

HECStoryboard provides simple yet smart visual tool sets for people of all ages, and all geographies, focusing on the Four C's - Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication & Collaboration - to improve everyone's thinking capabilities, thereby enhancing global intelligence and potential.

HECFlying Donut is a powerful, simple, useful Scrum software. Any Scrum team can efficiently utilize it with no configuration. Scrum is a project management framework for managing different types of projects. Flying Donut improves communication between team members, while at the same time eliminating email traffic. Everyone's view is immediately updated when any team member modifies an entry. Flying Donut enables you to get organized without even thinking about it. It takes no time to learn this software and every action is instantaneous.

We are interested in exploring mutually beneficial collaboration with our international partners. We look forward to any further inquiries from you.  

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