National Partners

To ensure the provision of best quality digital learning, we have partnered with the most credible educational forward-thinkers, who have set a precedent for rendering the excellent quality educational services that reshape creativity, innovation and unparallel use of technology.

HECThe base of the VEPP project is on the concept of building a global network of scholars who can contribute to the effective delivery of content in classrooms through video conferencing across Pakistan. VEPP is focused on establishing a relationship between the university faculty and the global academic circle in a variety of educational disciplines. VEPP furnishes the local faculty with high-quality lectures, workshops, and specially designed pedagogies through graded distance learning technology.

HECPERN is responsible for providing high-speed Internet bandwidth in Pakistan. PERN serves the purpose of facilitating teachers, students, and researchers to share data with the help of video conferencing. PERN is currently working with more than two hundred universities and thirty colleges to supply them the best speed Internet bandwidth for prompt coordination between students and teachers in digital learning.

HECHEC is an autonomous and independent institute for regulation and accreditation of higher education institutions in Pakistan. It makes associations with the replenishment of services like university research collaboration, development of Higher education infrastructure, faculty development at higher education level and degree attestation. HEC mission is to prepare the university management to have in-depth knowledge and adopt changes according to the challenging needs in the modern era of technology.

We look forward to benefiting you with both the virtual and online services, provided under the umbrella of HEC and are interested in exploring mutually beneficial collaboration with our national partners. For further assistance,  please contact us.

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