Research With Us

It is to reaffirm UMTs commitment to promote virtual education research excellence and to engage UMTs distance education research community. In July 2017, the respected Rector of UMT declared UMT-Connected as the strategic initiative that is positioned to make UMT a leader in the eLearning sphere. This approach sends a strong signal that UMT is firmly committed to supporting research in distance education.

High priority research and evaluation need what in Pakistan’s educational institutions about distance education. Distance educators or interested parties are encouraged to identify future research and evaluation needs/issues for distance education to provide a strong philosophical and policy basis for developing distance education opportunities. While distance education research and evaluation are emerging across the country, stakeholders ask some critical questions. These questions include:

  • What kind of collaborations is required to be developed to implement distance learning activities economically?
  • How can educational institutions work in collaboration to assess the effectiveness of distance learning opportunities?
  • What are the requisites for evaluation processes as institutions work across provincial, international boundaries?
  • The comparison of face-to-face versus online mode of education
  • Learners’ role in eLearning setting
  • Case studies of the current situation of distance education in Pakistan
  • Highlighting the shortcomings of online education scenario in Pakistan
  • Implementing internationally accepted practices and strategies for improving virtual education in Pakistan.

Research With us

In this regard, the most recent research work done by one of our students stands out regarding highlighting the newly developed online education sphere at UMT. Ms. Zunaira Rafiq from Department of SS&H worked on “Institutional and Learner Readiness for eLearning in Higher Education” under the supervision of Dr. Zaheer Asghar. Within the emerging agenda of understanding eLearning readiness, the focus of this study is on eLearning readiness in the University of Management and Technology (UMT). Given the geography, and the population growth and the need for higher education, it is critical to understand eLearning readiness in the UMT context at this stage. UMT is just beginning the provision of eLearning, and the time is right to ensure that institution, faculty members and students are ready for it. More importantly, it is essential that steps be taken to enhance the readiness of students, institution and faculty members to achieve the benefits of eLearning.

We have made many changes to our processes in response to this feedback and intend to continue doing so as time goes on. We plan that moving forward we adopt new ways to communicate and work together that will ensure greater clarity, transparency, and promote research.

UMT-Connected urges you to join and consult us in your future research endeavors regarding online education in Pakistan. We look forward to facilitating and guiding you throughout the research process in all possible ways.

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