Current Online Students

Tips for Success

Online courses are often opted but staying motivated for completion of an online course is challenging. In comparison to an in-person class, in an online class, the student has to create and maintain his/her own pace. Hence, some hacks can help students get maximum benefit out of any online course opted.

1.     Time Management

Treating online class as an in-person class helps in reducing stress. About acquire more knowledge and better grades; following tricks can be helpful to plan time for an online course:

  1. Make a week planner
  2. Highlight the time scheduled for online class
  3. Mark the deadlines
  4. Write reminders

2.     Skim the Material

The textbook might contain some extra information for learning, but it is important to skim the material for a focus on the nitty-gritty details to grasp the ideas properly.

3.    Appropriate Collaboration

Having a community for a group study and peer review during papers can ease the learning and memorizing process. Albeit, an online class, lacks this kind of sharing, yet it is upon the learner to create his/her community and collaborate with others for better and improved learning.

4.     Maximize the Time

Spending maximum time on the online class will lead to early completion of the course which will lessen the burden of classes at the eleventh hour.

5.     Break up Material into Chunks

Dividing the course material into small chunks and setting up deadlines for every piece to be completed will reduce the stress level as well as will boost up productivity.

6.     Email the Professor

Keeping the instructor in a loop for all of your educational activities is an ethical and healthy practice to be followed to get good grades. Following steps can be adopted in general for this purpose:

  1.    Introductory email at the start of semester
  2.    Well thought-out queries regarding class during the semester
  3.    A thank you note at the end of semester

7.    Know What you’re Getting Into

Research the topic and the instructor before taking the course. This research will be helpful in saving time for the demanding courses during a tough semester.

8.     Choose Wisely

Choose the online course wisely that can be fruitfully managed and is easy to grasp knowledge. I-e- taking Public Relations or English course online can be a better option than calculus 17.

9.      Plan Trips Accordingly

In case there are any trips to occur or to be scheduled during the term, be proactive about it. Plan the assignments and study ahead of time. Also, it’s a healthy practice to take the instructor in confidence or take his permission beforehand.

10.     Look at the Roster

If feasible, meeting with course-mates, while sharing and comparing notes can be good support for healthy learning.

11.     Designated Study Space

Studying at a prescribed study space enhances focus and ultimately productivity. Utilize a cozy corner, any desk or dining room table can for this purpose.

12.     Writing of Goals

The first step towards success is setting up of a goal. Write the set goal in writing and keep reviewing to stay focused.

13.      Have an Accountability Partner

The set goal shall be shared with a partner to stay accountable and more concentrated towards the accomplishment of the target.

14.      Don’t Procrastinate

Any project or assignment shall not be left to be completed at the eleventh hour as delay is always a reason for increased stress. In case any assignment gets missed, the calendar shall be revised and reset to be on track again.

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