Prospective Online Students

Technical Requirements & Skills

UMT-Connected recommends the following minimum requirements for student-owned computers for smooth completion of an online course you opt.

We recommend that all computers* (laptops/notebooks and desktop computers) have the following minimum specifications:

 For PCs  For Macs
 Operating System  Windows 7   Mac OS X 10.9
 Processor  500Mhz or faster  1.83Mhz intel core duo or faster
 Ram  4 GB  4 GB
 Video Card  At least 64mb of video memory  At least 64mb of video memory
 Sound Card  At least 16-bit  At least 16-bit
 Browser IE 10+, Chrome 25+, Firefox 17+, or Safari 5+  IE 10+, Chrome 25+, Firefox 17+, or Safari 5+
 Broadband Connection  512+ Kbps  512+ Kbps
 Software Recommendations  Microsoft Office 2016, Adobe Acrobat Reader  Microsoft Office 2016, Adobe
 Acrobat Reader
 Additional Software  Adobe Flash Player 10.3.1+ Plug-in  Adobe Flash Player 10.3.1+ Plug-in
Anti-virus software is essential in order to protect your system and data from malicious attacks. UMT does not provide anti-virus software to students. There are a number of options for students who need an anti-virus solution. The following is a list of free packages that are generally considered good products. UMT-Connected does not recommend or support any of these products specifically nor is this a comprehensive list of options. This list is simply a place to start investigating your options.
 Antivirus Software Options  Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows XP, Vista and 7) or Microsoft Windows Defender (Windows 8 and 10), Avast!, AVG  Avast!, Sophos, Avira
Students should be aware that potential software problems do exist in regard to installing anti-virus software. For example, if a personal computer system already has another type or brand of anti-virus software installed, it may cause software conflicts. If a computer is already infected, this may also potentially create software conflicts.

                           Optimal requirements (recommended for videos and streaming content): Operating System:                     
Windows Vista+ or Mac OS X 10.6+ Browser: Firefox 8.0+, Internet Explorer 8.0+, Safari 5.0+, ou Google Chrome 15.0+ Broadband Connection: 1 Mbps or higher Flash Player: Adobe Flash Player 10.1+ Ensuring optimal streaming speeds is especially important for Streaming. Make sure to close as many other tabs, browsers, and programs as possible while streaming your content. It may also help to hardwire your Internet connection, rather than using a wireless network connection.

2. Technical Skills

  • Comfortably use a computer.
  • Perform basic navigation - minimize and maximize Windows; use the forward and back browser functions.
  • Create, save, scan, print, and manage computer files.
  • Copy and paste information using the clipboard.
  • Understand a browser is used to surf the internet, such as Explorer, Safari or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Upload information to a drop box by browsing your computer files.
  • Understand CTRL+C, CTRL+V, and CTRL+P (copy, paste, print functions) short-cut keys to save time.
  • Comfortably use the internet, as well as, research internet information.
  • Understand Google searches and know the material used in college must not be plagiarized.
  • Send and receive email messages and include attachments to email.
  • Use word processing software and or spreadsheet software.
  • Have a computer with internet access or come to UMT s computer labs to log in to classes.

As you have become aware of the criteria regarding online classes, so now we encourage you to take the online readiness test.

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