Faculty Virtual Support Center



What services does UMT-Connected offer?

UMT-Connected currently offers the following services:

Course Management System Support

UMT-Connected provides faculty and student support for Moodle, publisher-supported course management systems, and supplemental resource websites.

UMT-Connected develops and provides on-going training for staff and faculty members about teaching with technology. This training is designed around campus needs and includes conferences, workshops, webinars, and new product orientations. Faculty and Staff Training

Instructional Design Consultation

UMT-Connected works with faculty members who have questions about instruction, research, or electronic publishing. We help them understand their needs and points them in the right direction by assisting and supporting faculty with developing pedagogically sound strategies and materials to employ evolving information technologies in the delivery of UMT’s educational programming. UMT-Connected conceptualizes and creates engaging learning interactions; produces and tests rapid design prototypes; and evaluates instructional material effectiveness.

Project Management

UMT-Connected helps faculty and staff define the scope of incoming projects, identify necessary resources for them, bring together project teams and then keep them on task. UMT-Connected also helps build budgets for projects, incorporating new and in-kind expenses.

Accessibility Compliance

UMT-Connected aims to ensure compliance with accessibility standards that conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the reauthorized Rehabilitation Act (Section 508) and the Telecommunications Act.

Technology Experimentation

Faculty members often have exciting ideas about how to integrate technology into their research, teaching, and writing. UMT-Connected aims to support these efforts by researching and offering access to new hardware and software.

Copyright / Fair Use Advisement

With the development of digital projects, many faculty members want and need advice on copyright law and fair use guidelines. UMT-Connected has a good grasp of these guidelines and knows which Library personnel to turn to with questions both at UMT and at other universities.

Grant / Funding Advisement

A result of many conversations around projects is the need for funds, and UMT-Connected advises faculty on how to incorporate the proper technological pieces into grant applications/proposals.

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