Academics (eUMT)

eUMT platform and the respective team deals with the design and development of academic courses for credit.

Our professional team assists faculty members in using Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) to help build their supplementary, blended, synchronous and asynchronous online courses.

Model Course

Our team has designed a model course based on national and international standards, benchmarks and best practices. For your convenience, a typical week or session has been made available through the slideshow below.

Current and upcoming initiatives

Based on the university's administration, leadership as well as input from students and faculty members, eUMT team has obtained approval of the following initiatives through the Board of Governors (BoG) with the agenda to push technological innovation at UMT.

How to get started

We believe, you have reviewed our model academic course and read through our initiatives, mentioned above. We truly acknowledge the fact, that each of you as a faculty member have your own unique style and approach. UMT-Connected team is enthusiastic to work with you to customize the courses based on your unique needs and preferences. 

Reach out to us, as we look forward to facilitating and guiding you in all possible ways.

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