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Academic Skills

At UMT, we endeavour to improve upon your academic skills particularly providing you access to resourceful academic websites.

Writing Resources

  • Grammar OWL The Purdue Writing Lab Purdue is the mother-of-all sources for writing help of any kind—from grammar help to developing thesis statements, to report writing, citation help and more. The site features over 200 free resources, all of which are available to anyone.


  • Guide to Grammar and Writing by Capital Community College Foundation. Very good site covering various topics to support various aspects of writing including essays, outlines, and reports. Includes a section on grammar.

  • Institution resources. Many institutions offer writing help centers free of charge for students. Ideally, students studying in for-credit online classes should have access to similar support services online. If a writing center for online students is available at your institution, provide details on the course site, and/or post a note on message board with details for students.
  • is a collaborative online tutoring program and platform for writing skills that provides one-on-one, online support to students from numerous subscribing colleges within the US. It offers two models: collaborative and single. “Within the collaborative model, participating institutions share resources to provide greater coverage and quicker turn-around time. e-Tutoring monitors the quality of the tutor feedback. In the individual model, an institution is free to use the software platform with their own tutors.” The platform appears to be a viable option for institutions with a large online student population.


  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy is one of the most comprehensive websites providing skill development in algebra, trig, calculus, statistics, chemistry, biology as well as subjects in history and language arts. Lessons begin at the elementary level and continue to up to university-level topics and subjects. The site features hundreds of short videos on specific concepts within a subject ranging from five to twenty minutes in length. Also offers practice exercises and support forums.

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