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Study Skills

To further enhance your study skills, we suggest you seek guidance through various links and apps so that you could be well acquainted with your academic needs and turn in your assignments, quizzes and exams timely and effectively. 


  • What Makes a Successful Online Learner? By seeking an education with the Minnesota Department of Education and Minnesota Online High School.
  • Effective Habits for Effective Study, Study Guides and Strategies Website.
  • Five-Step Strategy for Student Success with Online Learning, Online Learning Insights.
  • A clean, clutter-free site dedicated only to study skill development, and though it’s geared to college students, any student may benefit from the concise and focused information provided. The site features twelve chapters, ranging from time management to creating a study plan, note-taking, etc.
  • My Study Life, a new [and free] app—an online student planner designed for students to plan and manage their learning time. It appears to have numerous features including tracking of due dates for assignments, schedule of classes and study times, notifications for scheduled tasks, due dates, and study times.

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