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The site recommends multiple useful links that offer guidance on how you can avail opportunities to learn and manage your day to day academic chores such as using LMS, understanding the copyright act, developing online courses and eLearning etc.

Business Balls
This remarkable resource contains main lists of learning materials in a multitude of categories. From literature to business, you can find so many helpful links all assembled in a single place for your utmost convenience.

For an online course available to students through LMS or MOODLE, accessibility is one of the topmost aspects to be kept in consideration. Accessibility means that your content needs to be designed in such a way that anyone can use it. This blog at Capterra provides you easy yet highly helpful tips and techniques to make your online course super easy and accessible and navigate through in your LMS.

Copyright Issues
In this era of modern advancement in the domain of academics, we have to use information and material quoted or researched by other people. When using copyrighted works for online and hybrid teaching, including for an Online program, instructors have a number of access options and a number of legal options. This website highlights certain problems regarding this scenario and some considerations are given to avoid any copyright issues.

Core Demands of Students
An interesting article stating the benefits of using online content that can help the teachers in meeting the core demands of the students. It talks about the paradigm shift in education which is currently in progress: from textbook to online content.

Create Online magazines
This website provides you the variety of software to create online magazines. It also helps you in creating magazines as well as converting it to PDF format.

Core Demands for Online Course Developments
A great educational tool for the online faculty which can assist in terms of course design and development.

Distance Education Accrediting Commission
The Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) is a private association that works as an institutional accreditor of e-Learning organizations. Accreditation by DEAC ensure all distance learning exercises inside an organization and it gives accreditation from the optional school level through expert doctoral degree-allowing organizations. This site is intended to be an asset for every one of those intrigued by eLearning accreditation: understudies, staff, faculty, heads, and people in general.

12 eLearning and Online Learning Best Practices
Would you like to conduct effective and engaging online courses? Whether you’ve ever led virtual classes in the past or are just getting started in the world of online learning, this article will give you a lot of practical information that can help you to improve your teaching techniques. So buckle up and gather all the essential information you need!

Easy Education Through Nine Clusters
This post talks about nine clusters of education tech companies who are making efforts for the easy accessibility of quality education.

Free Public Health Resources
Imagine a world where every person in every community has the opportunity for a healthy life. This is the motto behind this resource that provides easy access to beneficial links and resources pertaining to public health.

Faculty Development Decision Guide
The Faculty Development Decision Guide (FDDG) is basically for the institutions to assess the development needs of their online faculty. It consists of simple set questions measuring different dimensions and a comprehensive result at the end.

Free, Self-Paced E-Learning
This website gives you an opportunity to take free online courses designed along the lines of helping you tackle problems that you encounter in your classroom as a teacher. In addition, it provides you with techniques and strategies to improve the learning experience of your students.

Instructional Design History
Instructional design has experienced a shift over the last several decades. The instructional design field has transitioned from an emphasis on skills development and knowledge acquisition to a focus on personal construction of meaning and user experience. Some of the current instructional design trends are influenced by technology advances in social media. See a brief history of instructional design and an instructional design timeline on this resource.

Learn Zillion
If you are facing problems with certain concepts or struggling with classroom issues, the best strategy is to see what other teachers around the world are doing to tackle those hitches. Learn Zillion is one such resource to help you out; it has free and premium options; teachers can access free video lessons, and practice problems, and can also use the system to track student assignments.

Multimedia Usage
This webpage talks about the use of multimedia either for instructional use or student projects. It provides the content within the boundaries of copyright laws.

Outreach's Faculty Development Course Offerings
In case you are searching for a quick short course that focuses on Teaching and Online Learning. Outreach at Penn State is the right choice for you. These short courses will help you how to teach an online course.

The materials on this site have been created to help course developers and course design teams apply Universal Design principles in the Design, Development, Delivery, and Evaluation of online courses. This self-directed learning resource presents a curated list of best practices distilled from research into the various educational models of Universal Design applied in the teaching and learning environment. This compilation of practical tips is not an exhaustive list, but is an excellent summary of current thought, with links to further reading.

Teaching in Digital a Age
Guidelines for Teaching and Learning is available as a free, online open textbook which you can read online, download to your tablet or computer, or print, either in sections or as a whole.
Thought-provoking Questions
Every faculty must consider before designing an online or hybrid course

Universal Design: Best Practices for Online Learning
The materials on this site have been created to help course developers and course design teams apply Universal Design principles in the Design, Development, Delivery, and Evaluation of online courses. This self-directed learning resource presents a curated list of best practices distilled from research into the various educational models of Universal Design applied in the teaching and learning environment. This compilation of practical tips is not an exhaustive list, but is an excellent summary of current thought, with links to further reading.

What is Learning Theory?
Learning theories are abstract frameworks that describe how knowledge is received and processed during the learning experience. Learning theory informs the application of instructional design through models. See learning theory history, definitions, and practical examples via this informative link.

What is PBL? 
Project-based learning empowers learners to collaborate in teams, mentored by their teachers, as they research real-world questions, pose solutions to real-world problems, and design real-world products in a rigorous way. This Resource provides you with link recommendations for PBL research, helpful resources, and videos.

Online Education Resources 
These resources of Illinois Online Network (ION) in Online Education Resources section represent a selected list of resources dealing with various aspects of online education and the online environment in general.

Online Education Overview
Through this link you will get the opportunity to review and analyze various essential components regarding online education.

Assignment Ideas
If you would like to administer some unique online assignment ideas for your student that can gauge their learning, you can visit this website to have some innovative and great concepts for the very purpose. This furnishes you with some checkpoints that will assist you in keeping your students on track and avoid any kind of unnecessary procrastination.

Assessment/Evaluation Topics
Assessment and evaluation are a core part of any course or degree program. How to design and develop more interactive and practical quizzes and assignments for your online course? It’s simple; visit this link to know all about it!

Instructional Design
In order to get a full grasp of principles of instructional design and which models to follow while keeping an eye out for some issues that might arise during the actual teaching, skim through this link to develop a deeper understanding of instructional design framework.

Pedagogy and Learning
The various links on this website help you in gaining insights into the whole process of teaching and learning. Explore these helpful and beneficial tips and techniques here.

Explore this website to acquire knowledge of various tools, techniques, and strategies for improving the communication of your learners.

Software and Technology
Through this webpage, you can find all that you need to know in terms of technology and software to be used for an online course. From MOODLE to captivating graphics, this resource carries the best technical information for you.

Web Design
If the web design and layout of your online course is dry and boring, the students will never be motivated to take that course no matter how good your content is. To make your web design interesting and eye-catching, follow this link.

Intellectual Property
This link is a vast reservoir of easy and open access to online resources. Explore these links to gain access to top-class universities digital and online libraries and courses to expand your horizons.

Quality Online Course Initiative
ION and the Illinois Virtual Campus have taken the lead to develop a quality online course rubric and evaluation system in the state of Illinois. The goal of this project is to help colleges and universities to improve the accountability of their online courses. To know more about it, visit this link.

Developing an Effective Online Course
New to the field of virtual education and teaching? Worry no more! Explore this link to know all you need to know about the guidelines for developing a highly interactive and effective online course.

Break Away Game
By applying entertainment game software, design approaches and technology to simulation BreakAway is leading the effort to use game-based concepts to change the way we learn, communicate, teach, and train.

Teachers Pay Teachers
TpT is the go-to place for educators to find the resources, knowledge, and inspiration they need to teach at their best. It offers more than 3 million free and paid resources, created by educators who understand what works in the classroom. Explore this link to get to know more about this interesting resource.

eLearning Centre
eLearning center makes choosing the right course easy for you, your business and your people. Their team of eLearning experts has evaluated and approved a library of over 400 market-leading courses for the workplace. Visit this link to find the online course most suitable for your needs and area of expertise!

Games Economists Play
This website is a resource for instructors of economics who would like to use non-computerized economic experiments (games) in their classrooms. It consists of an extensively annotated and hyperlinked compilation of more than 170 classroom games, most of which can be played within one class period. The purpose of the games is to help teach fundamental micro and macroeconomic concepts.

clickteam is the development group behind award-winning software titles such as Klik and Play, The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion. View this unique but interesting resource to see how games and technology are being integrated in the domain of education and teaching.

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